Oniros Film Awards, Italy

Oniros Film Awards, Italy

Zshort Film Festival, Santa Barbara

Cyprus International Film Festival

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Los Angeles Film Awards

-LAFA_WINNER_Black_Back (2)

(Honorable Mention Best Inspirational Film for new short film ORBIS) 

Festigious International Film Festival  Los Angeles              

Festigious Winner Vector

(Best Dance Film for Giselle)

New York Film Awards 

-New York Film Awards Winner Black Text

( Best First Time Director for Giselle)

Paris Play Film Festival

Best Dance Film - Paris Play Film Festival - 2017

(Best Dance Film)  (Off Limits, excerpt of Giselle)

Chautauqua International Film Festival

Winner - Chautauqua International Film Festival CIFF - 2017-2

(Silver Award) (Off Limits, excerpt of Giselle)

Oniros Film Awards Italy


(Best Choreography for Giselle)

Divulge Dancers Film Festival, Los Angeles 

Best Student Film - Divulge Dancers Film Festival - 2017-2.png

(Best Student Film for Giselle)

Top Shorts Film Awards


(Honorable Mention Best Inspirational Film for Giselle )

Accolade Film Competition, La Jolla CA 

(Best Student Women Filmmaker and Best Student Entertainment Film for Giselle)

3 Minute Film Festival Santa Barbara

Best Dance Film - 3 Minute Film Festival Santa Barbara - 2017

(Best Dance Film for Giselle)

Paris Art and Movie Awards Nomination 


Selections of Ruminate 2019: 

Glendale International Film Festival in Los Angeles 2019

Oniros Film Awards July 2019:  Best Musical and Best Dance Choreography at Oniros Film Awards in Italy

Selections of Giselle Short Film and Off Limits: 

Zshorts Film Festival, Santa Barbara 2019 (Best Student Film for Off Limits) 

Bridges International Film Festival, Greece, Oct. 4 – Oct. 11 2018 , Screening: Oct. 6 6pm in Corinth and Oct. 8 in Athens

New Hope Film Festival Screening: July 22 2018

Cyprus International Film Festival Screening: June 20- July 1 2018 (Winner: Best Dance Film) 

Paris Art and Movie Awards (Off Limits) Festival Dates: June 20 – June 25 Nominated Best Dance Film

Global Short Film Awards Cannes

Glendale International Film Festival Oct. 13 – Oct. 22. Screening : Oct. 16 6 pm

Yonkers Film Festival NY  November 3-Nov.8 Screening Nov. 6: 6 pm 

Shortcut 100 Chicago (Off Limits, excerpt of Giselle) Screening Oct. 8

Divulge Dancers´ Film Festival Los Angeles  Oct. 14-15 Screening: Oct. 14 Winner Best Student Film 

3 Minute Film Festival Santa Barbara (Off Limits, excerpt of Giselle) Screening Nov. 30 Winner Best Dance Film

Los Angeles Film Awards (nominated for Best Student Film)

Frostbite International Film Festival: Finalist

Oniros Film Awards Italy, Winner Best Choreography 

Madrid Art Film Festival: Finalist (Off Limits, excerpt of Giselle)  Screening Sept. 29-Sept.30

Bridges International Film Festival Corinth Greece (Off Limits, excerpt of Giselle) Oct. 12-18 Screening: Oct. 15

Festigious Los Angeles Winner

New York Film Awards Winner

Top Shorts Winner

Paris Play Film Festival (Off Limits Winner)

Chautauqua International Film Festival Silver Award for Off Limits Screening June 30 2017

Preselected Vancouver Filmdance Festival

Cinema New York City Semi- Finalist

Official Selection Blow Up International Arthouse Film Festival, Chicago

Hollywood International Moving Pictures Semi-Finalist

Accolade Film Competition Winner

Selections of ORBIS:

Honorable Mention: Best Inspirational Film: Los Angeles Film Awards

Bridges International Film Festival, Greece, Athens, Corinth: Oct. 4 – Oct. 11 2018 , Screening: Oct. 8 5pm in Athen

Glendale International Film Festival, CA Oct.5 – Oct. 13 2018 , Screening Oct. 7 10 pm

Divulge Dancers Film Festival: Montalban Theatre, Hollywood, Screening. Nov. 17

Yonkers Film Festival, NY, Screening Nov. 2-7

Cyprus International Film Festival European Premiere: June 20 – July 1 2018

3 Minute Film Festival, Santa Barbara, CA August 11 2018


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