Honorable Mention: Audience Choice Award, Yonkers Film Festival, 2022 for short film Deceive

Best Cinematography Award, Nomination for Best Actress and Best Dance Film at Paris Art and Movie Awards 2021 for short film Deceive

Excellence in Editing Award, Sara Booth Fund for short film Deceive 

Best Romance Film, Los Angeles Film Awards for short film A Tango To Remember 

Best Music Video, Athens International Digital Film Festival for music video “Stop What You’re Doing”

Golden Aphrodite, Cyprus International Film Festival for short film “A Tango To Remember” 

Best Dance Film, Festigious Film Festival for short film “Ruminate” 

Best Choreography and Best Musical, Oniros Film Awards, Italy for short film “Ruminate” 

Best Student Entertainment, Accolade Film Competition for short film “Giselle” 

Best Dance Film, Paris Play Film Festival for short film “Off Limits” 

Best Student Film, ZShorts Film Festival for short film “Off Limits” 

Best Woman Filmmaker, Atman Filmfestival, Los Angeles for short film “A Tango To Remember” 

Silver Awards, Chautauqua International Film Festival for short film “Off Limits” 

Best Dance Film, 3-minute Film Festival for short film “Off Limits”

Best First Time Director, New York Film Awards for short film “Giselle” 

Dance Magazine, Winner of the month for Best Dance Video for short film “A Tango Rember” 

First Price Winner Dr. David Milch Foundation for short documentary “Dance For Freedom”

Graduate Student Symposium Winner at CCNY for short documentary”What We Create May Save Us” 

Selections of Deceive, 2022 – present 

  • Paris Arts and Movie Awards (Best Cinematography Award, Nominated for Best Actress, Best Dance Film)
  • CCNY City Visions (Sarah Booth Fund Excellence in Editing Award) 
  • Toronto Black Film Festival
  • Grand Junction Film Festival
  • LA Independent Women Film Awards
  • California Shorts Film Festival (Best Student Film) 
  • Marina del Ray Film Festival 
  • New York Shorts Film Festival
  • Yonkers Shorts Film Festival (Honorable Mention: Audience Choice Award) 
  • Divulge Dancers Film Festival 

Selections of “A Tango To Remember”, 2020 

  • Los Angeles Film Awards (Best Romance Film) 
  • Cyprus International Film Festival (Cinematic Award Winner)
  • Dance Magazine Video of The Month Winner
  • Atman Film Festival, Los Angeles (Best Woman Filmmaker)
  • Burbank International Film Festival 
  • Jersey Shore Film Festival 
  • Bridges Film Festival, Greece  
  • New York Shorts Film Festival
  • Glendale International Film Festival 
  • Finalist at Athens International Digital Film Festival
  • International Fine Arts Film Festival, Santa Barbara 

Selections of Music Video “Stop What You´re Doing”, 2020 

  • Jersey Shore Film Festival
  • Finalist at New York Film Awards
  • LA Music Video Awards
  • The Music Video Filmmaker Showcase 
  • LA Femme International Film Festival
  • Music Video Underground Film Festival
  • Divulge International Film Festival
  • Winner at Athens International Digital Film Festival

Selections of “Ruminate” ,2019 

  • Glendale International Film Festival in Los Angeles 2019
  • Oniros Film Awards July 2019:  Best Musical and Best Dance Choreography at Oniros Film Awards in Italy
  • Los Angeles Film Awards:  Best Musical Dance Film
  • Cyprus International Film Festival 2019
  • Yonkers International Film Festival 2019 

Selections of “Giselle Short Film” and “Off Limits”, 2018

  • Zshorts Film Festival, Santa Barbara 2019 (Best Student Film for Off Limits) 
  • Bridges International Film Festival, Greece,
  • New Hope Film Festival Screening: July 22 2018
  • Cyprus International Film Festival Screening: June 20- July 1 2018 (Winner: Best Dance Film) 
  • Paris Art and Movie Awards (Off Limits) Festival Dates: June 20 – June 25 Nominated Best Dance Film
  • Global Short Film Awards Cannes
  • Glendale International Film Festival 
  • Yonkers Film Festival NY  
  • Shortcut 100 Chicago (Off Limits, excerpt of Giselle) 
  • Divulge Dancers´ Film Festival Los Angeles 
  • 3 Minute Film Festival Santa Barbara 
  • Los Angeles Film Awards 
  • Frostbite International Film Festival: Finalist
  • Oniros Film Awards Italy, Winner Best Choreography 
  • Madrid Art Film Festival: Finalist
  • Bridges International Film Festival Corinth Greece 
  • Festigious Los Angeles Winner
  • New York Film Awards Winner
  • Top Shorts Winner
  • Paris Play Film Festival (Off Limits Winner)
  • Chautauqua International Film Festival Silver Award for Off Limits 
  • Preselected Vancouver Filmdance Festival
  • Cinema New York City Semi- Finalist
  • Official Selection Blow Up International Arthouse Film Festival, Chicago
  • Hollywood International Moving Pictures Semi-Finalist
  • Accolade Film Competition Winner

Selections of ORBIS, 2018 

  • Honorable Mention: Best Inspirational Film: Los Angeles Film Awards
  • Bridges International Film Festival, Greece,
  • Glendale International Film Festival, CA 
  • Divulge Dancers Film Festival: Montalban Theatre, Hollywood
  • Yonkers Film Festival, NY
  • Cyprus International Film Festival 
  • 3 Minute Film Festival, Santa Barbara, CA August 11 2018