“There is something incredibly gratifying about letting a story come to life whether it’s through acting , directing, editing or producing.

I love all aspects of the filmmaking process, and hope that my passion shines through in all of the work that I do”

Severine Reisp is a passionate filmmaker based in New York City. For her, film is a medium that can help find empathy and acceptance for unique differences. Having lived in different countries and searching for a sense of belonging, she likes making films that entertain, empathize, and challenge viewers to think about topical cultural issues in society while imparting emotions commonly held by people worldwide.Recent short films have won awards such as Best Romance Film at Los Angeles Film Awards, Best Women Filmmaker at Atman Filmfestival, and the Cinematic Award at Cyprus Film Festival.
In her teenage years, Severine was an avid ballet dancer. She later became a trainee with the Joffrey Ballet in NY and State Street Ballet in California. Eventually, she received a scholarship to Sarah Lawrence College, where she discovered her passion for filmmaking, and also went on to pursue her MFA in Film from the City College of New York. Since then, she has directed multiple award-winning short films and music videos.
She works as a producer/director for the content video team at Christie’s, where she recently produced and directed the video about the Richard Gere Collection.
She also directed and produced a 17 min short film, “Deceive,” starring Dandara Veiga, principal with Ballet Hispanico, and shot by Emmy award-winning Wolfgang Held.
It tries to empower women in finding strength after abuse.
It was selected for the Toronto Black Film Festival and nominated at the Paris Arts and Movie Awards for best actress, dance film, and cinematography.
Severine loves all aspects of filmmaking and hopes her passion shines through in everything she does.


MFA in Filmmaking: The City College of New York, May ’21

BA Sarah Lawrence College ´18

Additional Undergraduate Courses: Westmont College, Santa Barbara, University of Santa Barbara